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Beyond the Mastery: –'The Space'
Re-experience The Mastery from a leadership perspective

…a Workshop for Mastery Graduates Only

Bristol UK
New Dates: March 20-21st 2021

NEW for Mastery Graduates interested in The Space workshop only:

We are now offering regular virtual sessions to get under the skin of the Mastery and explore how we connect with presence, authenticity and creativity, both ours and others.

Contact Jan for details on (07896) 343981 or jancastleuk@hotmail.com

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"Wherever you are now in your life, we'd like to invite you to step into the unique, creative energy of The Mastery in a new and exciting way.

This brand-new workshop is energising, moving, supportive, challenging, experimental, inspiring… And a lot of fun too!

The Space will allow you to:
  • Take your self expression further…

  • Develop your perception, intuition and emotional intelligence

  • Be creative in new and exciting ways

  • Find out (and try out) how the Mastery leaders work

On the workshop you will:


Facilitators for The Space

Adrian Longstaffe
Adrian has worked as a teacher in more than six careers including veterinary medicine, choreography, acting training and educational technology. He graduated as a psychotherapist in 2000 and leads his own personal development workshops.

"The Mastery has been a vital element in my journey. I have sat on the back row of more than 40 masteries in the last 27 years and have spent the last 10 years in leadership training, gaining the Diploma in Leadership of the Institute for Creativity in 2003. I also assist in the training of Mastery leaders.  My experiences across the fields of academia, personal development and theatre have resulted in a fascination with the training of actors -- one of the few groups of people for whom the taking of emotional risk is part of the job description. Responsible acting training has so much to offer in terms of emotional intelligence for the rest of us."

"One of my aims is to enable people to walk their emotional universe with the same confidence that they walk their intellectual universe -- balancing the rational with the non-rational."

Ranjit Krishnamma
Ranjit has been acting professionally for over 20 years in film, theatre, TV, and radio. His recent appearances in theatre have been with the Royal Shakespeare Co. Shared Experience and at The National Theatre.

Recent TV work includes Eastenders, Harley Street, Waking the Dead, Murphy's Law, Casualty and Little Britain. At present he is studying film making with a view to spending time behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Ranjit has led The Mastery for over twelve years. He has also developed intensive workshops of his own including “Feeling What Is,” “Beyond the Method,” (a six week acting course) a short dramatic intensive called “Expresso,” a residential drama/development/holiday in France – “The Heart of Drama,” and an outdoor adventure week in North Wales, ”Into the Wild.”

'I like to lead from a place that acknowledges the one-ness that exists beneath our conditioned minds and I encourage an individual and intense exploration of the inner world and its relationship to our daily lives. I am proud to be a part of what I believe to be some of the most effective and ethical human development work on the planet.'

Sam Chittenden
Sam is the Director of creative development company Different Development, based in Brighton. Her experience includes many years as a Board Director in the NHS, & as an actor/director, writer & poet. She is fascinated by stories and the characters that inhabit them.

Sam is the author of leadership textbook, Rhyme & Reason - The Poetry of Leadership. She hosts a variety of personal development workshops and retreats both in Brighton and in a remote farmhouse in Brittany.

"When I took the Mastery in 2007, I discovered a voice and a determination I didn't know I had, and this has led to my continued invovlement. I continue to be fascinated by what participants discover in the space this workshop creates."

"The Mastery of Self Expression is a weekend of exploration for everyone involved. I am always bowled over by the creativity and passion shown by participants, and by the changes they choose to make in their worlds."


Although it can feel scary at times, this is the sort of scary where another part of you actually knows you are completely safe -- a bit like the emotional equivalent of a roller coaster. I think most people who have been on a real rollercoaster can relate to that feeling you get at the very top when something says "what have I done this for -- I must be mad!" The workshop is bounded by a strict and explicit set of ethics, including confidentiality, which everyone, leaders, support staff and participants must sign up to before taking part in the workshop. This creates a level of safety which is then further enhanced by the workshop ethos of empathic support.



March 20-21st 2021

Factory 8
Upton Road

Cost structure:
Full fee: £200
Early bird: £160 (if paid in full by 8th of May 2020)


As on the Mastery itself, prior to the weekend, you will need to learn by heart, a two minute piece (poem, song, dance, monologue, story, piece of music, mime etc) that you will use as a vehicle for your expression. Choose something that chooses you or which you feel passionately about.

Learning it off by heart is important -- it means that you will be freer to experiment. (no improvisation please!)


For more information please contact:

Jan Castle
07896 343981



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