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Coaching the Selves
One Day Workshop

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Led by Adrian Longstaffe
& Sam Chittenden

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Coaching the Selves

Have you ever felt that different parts of yourself are speaking, feeling, experiencing at different times? Are you the same with your bank manager, partner, your boss, your children? Thinking about ourselves as a bundle of often competing selves or subpersonalities can be a really useful way of clarifying inner drives and conflicts.

Arising from the internationally known workshop, Selves in Action, and from the technique known as Voice Dialogue, this workshop is aimed specifically at coaches and other personal development practitioners, with the intention of giving them a powerful set of tools and techniques to use with their clients..

What do we mean by Selves?

Some of these parts of ourselves are role associated -- the mother or the boss for instance. Others operate to keep us safe -- the protector, the controller. Yet others are young -- inner children -- and others are gender-based -- inner male and female. There are ones which run us -- such as the critic -- and others we don't know about -- disowned selves -- but which can nevertheless affect us powerfully.


Why would we want to work with Selves?

Often the issues that clients bring to coaching relate to inner conflicts and drivers, even though the presenting issue may be external and practical. Many of the things that get in a client’s way are unconscious.
This work enables us to bring clarity and awareness to the wants and needs of the different aspects of our clients, and to make unconscious material more conscious, giving the client more choices. To this end, the technique specifically develops a position of adult awareness which enables the client to take account of all their inner voices, not just the loud ones.


How will we work?

Participants will use a blend of coaching questions, constellation, mask work and voice dialogue to develop their own approach to working with selves and subpersonalities. They will act as both coaches and clients, with plenty of opportunity to practice.

The workshop ethos

This workshop is designed for you to empower your clients using tried and tested concepts and tools, which are clear and safe. It is not a therapy workshop. It is, however, designed for you to have an experience of working on your own selves, so that you can authentically pass on new tools to your clients.


The Leaders

Adrian Longstaffe
Adrian has worked as a teacher in more than six careers including veterinary medicine, choreography, acting training and educational technology. He graduated as a psychotherapist in 2000 and leads the internationally famous personal development workshop The Mastery of Self-Expression.

Subpersonality theory is one of the most useful ways of looking at the human psyche and there are versions of this in almost every flavour of psychotherapeutic work -- this is material which should be more available to everyone.

This workshop is designed to pass on the tools and concepts I have used to coaches and other practitioners.

"One of my aims is to enable people to walk their emotional universe with the same confidence that they walk their intellectual universe -- balancing the rational with the non-rational. Selves in Action has been running for over 10 years – now I want to pass some of this on."


Sam Chittenden
Sam is the Director of creative development company Different Development, based in Brighton. Her experience includes many years as a Board Director in the NHS, & as an actor/director, writer & poet. She is fascinated by stories and the characters that inhabit them.

Sam is the author of leadership textbook, Rhyme & Reason - The Poetry of Leadership. She hosts a variety of personal development workshops and retreats both in Brighton and in a remote farmhouse in Brittany.

"I love experiential and embodied learning such as the work we do in Selves in Action. It gets quickly to the heart of an issue in a way that will never be forgotten. I am thrilled to be sharing this work with other coaches."

As well as leading Selves in Action, Sam also leads the Internationally acclaimed workshop The Mastery of Self-Expression.



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  Feedback from Selves in Action

Selves in Action has been running for 14 years now and the leaders involved have reflected on and continuously improved the work over this period. We feel proud and privileged to be able to work in this field.

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"on the journey of self-discovery, let us stop looking for what is wrong with us. Let us discover, instead, who we are and how we work!
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